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Junko Morimoto
Visual Art | Other - children’s book art   (NSW)
Junko Morimoto migrated to Australia in 1982. Born in Hiroshima in 1932 and she later survived Atomic Bomb attack in 1945. Morimoto graduated from Kyoto City University of Fine Art in 1955 and ran Children's Art Studio in Osaka between 1965-71. She later taught art at High School in Katano City where she illustrated The Book of the History of Katano City.

In 1983, her first picture book The White Crane was published from Collins Australia (edited by Anne Ingram) and was Commended by Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA). The Inch Boy and A Piece of Straw were also awarded Highly Commended in 1985 and 1986, and Kojuro and the Bears' (Collins) - 1987, and Two Bullies (Random House)- 1998, were awarded Picture Book of the Year by CBCA. Her work received six awards during 1998, including the NSW Children’s Book Award.

Morimoto has created a total of 14 picture books including My Hiroshima (1997) and the latest title Big Nuisance. Her books are also published in the USA, EU countries, Japan and South Korea.

In 2004 a picture monument including Morimoto’s original illustrations and a poem from My Hiroshima was erected in 2004 at Jogakuin School in HIroshima. Since 2010 My Hiroshima has been made bilingual by the City of Hiroshima, and is being used by all primary and junior high schools in the City of Hiroshima. New edition of My Hiroshima was published by Huchette Australia in 2014.
  Photos: 'My Hiroshima' Collins 1987; 'One Hand Clapping' Rizzoli International USA 1995; 'The Two Bullies' Random House 1997
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